How to Join

Interested in joining Credit Building Nation?

Here’s how to become the newest Credit Building Nation Partner.

  • Designate at least one coach/counselor to participate in Credit Building Nation and JP’s “Credit as an Asset” training.
  • Counselor(s) become certified in the “Credit as an Asset” approach by attending a live 1.5-hour training session(s) (via webinar) and completing the two introductory modules on the JP online training center. Upon successful completion of the training modules and after passing the test, a certificate of completion will be generated for the financial coach/counselor.
  • When ready to submit your first Save2Build application for a client, participate in a one-to-one technical assistance session with Justine PETERSEN’s credit building staff to ensure a smooth process.

A flat $1,500 fee per organization includes the first year of training, technical assistance, origination, reporting, and servicing of Save2Build Accounts. Subsequent years of participation require an annual member fee that varies by volume.

Partners that open:

  • More than 15 Save2Build Accounts in a year pay $750 annually
  • Between 6-15 Save2Build Accounts in a year pay $1,350 annually
  • Five or fewer Save2Build Accounts in a year pay $1,500 annually

Please contact us to learn more and begin the process of joining Credit Building Nation!

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